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Technologically superior

Our equipment is among the most modern in the world, used by the army and special units training, has a large number of parameters and a range of over 100m .

Laser Tag Adventure

Experience the thrill of the most popular simulation battles with the help of the latest Laser Tag equipment. Play Counter-Strike, Battlefield or Call of Duty LIVE .

Better than paintball

The diversity of Laser Tag games contributes greatly to entertainment and most importantly - all without the mess, pain and bruises.


LaserGame provides you with a wide range of laser tag games where team work skills are essential. Developing strategies during the game brings the reality of the battle to the highest level .


  • The group should consist of 6 to 10 players - smaller groups can join special events that we periodically organize and publish via Facebook page. Follow us and learn more.
  • Scheduling is required and shall be made at the following telephone +381 63 224 201 ; +381 65 408 408 5 or by e-mail :; Weekends quickly sell out, so make sure you book in time .
  • Come 15 minutes before the scheduled time,
  • Get dressed comfortably, just like for every other sport activities.
  • You should not drink alcohol before the game.
  • On the field it is forbidden: moving obstacles, climbing at obstacles, every physical contact, crushing equipment ,covering the sensor.
  • The game is intended for ages 12-88 years . Minors can play only in the presence and the responsibility of parents.


  • There is no pain and no bruises. No colour - it's cleaner, no clutter on clothes, face or hair.
  • It does not require any protective gear, body armour or visors through which it's difficult to breathe and look.
  • Unlimited ammunition - no payment for extra ammunition.
  • Paintball balls begin to lose speed and fall after 50 meters. With Laser Tag equipment, light affects precision at over 100m.
  • Hits are detected by sensors - no unfair play, erasing colours and pretending you weren't hit.
  • Laser Tag guns are not guns, paintball are - it imposes various restrictions.
  • All players use the same equipment; there is NO advantage due to better guns; equal chance for victory.


Other names : Lazer Tag , Lasertag , Lasergames , Laser Skirmish
First Time Played : 1984
Features: there is no physical contact between players ( contact results in penalty points )
Number of Players : It depends on the format of the game ( recreational or professional )
Tip: Internal and external
Accessories Laser guns and targets


Select your favorite game and discover the adventure :

Team deathmatch
Team deathmatch is probably the most popular Laser Tag game. Players are divided into teams and the revival (re-spawn) is possible after a life lost. player loses a life after he is hit certain number of times and then has to return to base to be revived. The game is limited by time and after the expiration of the time to receive results of team and individual performance.
This type of game is a team fight, which makes it very attractive and interesting.

Last man standing
Last Man Standing is a game similar to team deathmatch game with the difference that the revival is disabled. Players are divided into teams, a life is lost after a player is hit a certain number of times. After hit a player is out of the game and the game lasts until one team runs out of players and only one (winning) team remains.
This type of game is characterized by a high degree of adrenalin excitement.

Domination (King of the hill)
Domination (King of the hill) is an extremely popular game in video games and now in Laser Tag world. The basis is the same as for team deathmatch-a (teams re-spawn) with the addition of so-called Domination box. Domination box is a dedicated box that is placed in the middle and when taken (tag at close range) it changes colour in the colour of the team who took it. Upon completion of the pre-defined time domination box compares the time and flashes in the colour of the winning team. Team which was longer in the possession of a box wins.
Domination (King of the hill) is characterized by teamwork and tactics of attack and defense of the box.

Defuse the bomb
Defuse the bomb is a game that is most like a popular Counter-Strike video game. Players are divided into two teams, a team of terrorists and counter-terrorists team. At the beginning of the game counter-terrorists defend the position by placing bombs and terrorists have a task to win a position to be able to place a bomb. Once they win a position, terrorists set off and defend the bomb from counter-terrorists who have the task to deactivate the bomb. If counter-terrorists fail to deactivate the bomb before the expiry of time, they become winners, otherwise the terrorists win.
This game features great tension as success comes as a result of tactics and teamwork.

Free for all
Free for all is a game in which each player plays for himself. Life is lost after a certain number of hits after which the player automatically revives. The game is limited by time, at the end of the game each player scoring is counted and the winning player is the one with the most points - the ratio of hits placed/hits received.
This game resembles the classic shooting video game in which you are all alone.

Open game - Open game
What to do if you want to play but can not find 6 players for a game? No big deal! Sign up for an open game where you make teams with registered players. Play Laser Tag with other lovers of this exciting simulation of combat. Follow our Facebook page and find out when these events are organized.

Laser Tag comes to you

If you have a lot, cottage, large yard, a piece of woods, paintball field, a minimum of 8 players and want to play - we will come to your site, bring the equipment and within 15 minutes a game can begin.


For smaller groups best option is per equipment while for groups of 10 or more players we recommend Flat package.

Game per Equipment

1 person - 1 equipment Use of Laser Tag equipment and terrain for 1 hour, 1,5 hours or 2 hours.
For pricing information please call us +381 63 224 201

Flat Game

Rental of 10 equipments. 10+ players. All games available.
For pricing information please call us +381 63 224 201

Team Building

For prices and details on the organization of team building or other corporate events contact us at
+381 63 224 201 or
+381 65 408 408 5


Celebrate your birthday like never before! Leave your friends breathless with an adventure at Laser Tag field that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Birthdays, Celebrations, Team Building or just having a good time outdoors

Sit comfortably and relax while we take care of organizing your special event, from set-up to clean-up. Your just need to socialize and have fun!



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LaserGame is an ideal option for companies who want to reward and inspire their employees and fellow colleagues with high intensity party.


Adventure Park - Ada Ciganlija


Outdoor Game

Location of the field is in a beautiful park in Ada Ciganlija, easily accessible if you are arriving by car or by public transport.


Arena No.1, ToŇ°in bunar


Indoor Game

In collaboration with colleagues from the Arena No.1, we offer you the opportunity to play indoors during the cold and rainy days.


Laser Tag Experience

Share with us your thoughts and impressions about LaserGame - contact us at or leave us a comment on a Facebook page.

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